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Welcome to Bespoke Body Plan

Dynamic Pilates Tailored to you

I create individualised training programmes based on a Dynamic Pilates approach, delivered in the comfort of your home, or my studio in Fulham. Together, we will focus on your chosen goals and lifestyle to create a plan specifically for you.


The personal pilates sessions will bring you the benefits of postural alignment, strength, power and greater control of your body. Your coordination and balance will also improve, and so help injury prevention.

Bespoke Body Plans enable you to both look and feel stronger, be more balanced and in control of your body.

I believe individual attention is the key to your fitness success. I take a dynamic approach to ensuring you get exactly what you need from each workout.


Stott Trained Pilates Teacher – Pre & Post Natal Pilates – Rehabilitation – Injury Prevention – Pilates for Sports Professionals

Work with Me

We can train 1-1 in your home or in my Studio in Fulham, working around your busy lifestyle to make sure you get the workout your body needs!

I teach Mat based Pilates using various equipment to challenge through every step of your fitness journey.


Please contact me for pricing information.